Forbes Candies



Forbes Candies has been in business for more than 85 years, making their own special

candy creations to sell in their specialty shops in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina,

and also to ship all over the world. The Forbes staff is very family-oriented and has hired Summer Work Travel

Exchange Visitors for more than 20 years. They treat all of their staff members with utmost respect, and are

looking for happy, energetic, open-minded Exchange Visitors to work as a part of their team.




The Virginia Beach location is a bustling tourist destination, with sunny beaches, outdoor

music festivals, shopping and an award-winning boardwalk. A trolley service provides local transportation and

a connecting bus service provides travel assistance all around the region. Close by is the popular shopping and

dining destination of Norfolk, Virginia, and the historic region of Williamsburg is just 45 minutes away by car.

The nation’s capital, Washington D.C., is just a 4 hour drive and can be done in one day.



Работни позиции и заплащане:




Ако избереш тази оферта пътуваш до летището, което е най-близко до твоя работодател. InterExchange ще ти предостави подробна инструкция за това как да се придвижиш до работодателя си, а също така и инструкция  какво трябва да направиш, за да получиш  Social Security Number.

InterExchange ще ти предостави и online ориентация, от която ще се запознаеш с правилата на програмата и със своите права по време на участието ти в нея.

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